Retail Insight

Shopping at 35,000 feet is a vital ingredient of in-flight service, so we work closely in partnership with our customers to maximise retail opportunities. Behind the scenes, the breadth of our services is built firmly on the foundations of our people.

Retail Insight

We have a dedicated and passionate team, with decades of retail experience and know-how that bring these services to life.

The team is responsible for developing onboard ranges, working with suppliers to bring the latest products from warehouse to the sky, engaging with cabin crew to develop their product knowledge and devising marketing strategies in line with current sales trends.

Each category is managed carefully in line with trading plans, achieving speed to market and service delivery through effective merchandising. In short, we deliver six core strands of retail service.

1. The Menu

Food and drink retailing can be a complex business. Our ‘Menu' service covers a wide range of activity; from product development and innovation, to big brand partnerships, to load planning, merchandising and marketing – all designed to optimise the onboard product offering and enrich the passenger's dining experience.

The Range

Our product development and marketing services fully engage with the customer to drive awareness of the product offering, as well as providing the option of a pre-paid solution.

2. Shop

The development of an impulsive Boutique product range and active sales strategies, along with the constant introduction of new trends all lead to the continued success of our ‘Shop' modular service.

The traditional format of onboard sales has evolved to focus on the ‘savvy consumer'. It's through our close understanding of customer behaviour that we're able to build a business plan that maximises revenue and profit.

Consisting of both niche and market-leading brands, as well as entry-level products at competitive price points, our ranges develop excitement and exclusivity through engaging promotional activity.

3. Insights & Technology

Using tried and tested portfolio mapping systems, we build demographic insights data on the passengers of our airline partners. This technology allows us to map out clear retail trading plans based on data-sets specific to each customer.

Our insights data enables us to supply meaningful and regular reports to our customers, recommend appropriate brands and products for onboard shopping ranges and leverage retail technology systems to optimise sales programmes.

Insights and technology facilitate both planning and visibility of the supply chain, allowing us to utilise data to retail effectively.

4. Create

Digital technology is presenting in-flight retailers with opportunities to get to know their crew and customers, create deeper relationships and generate better engagement. Our modular service proposition is underpinned with rich digital investment.

Via our unique marketing partnerships with award-winning creative agencies, we create personable, meaningful and results-driven content to drive sales performance.

Whether it's compelling offline content for magazines and flyers, or eye-catching online content for social media, our marketing plans and promotions are supported by appealing visual assets and followed up with meaningful analytics to shape retail and supply chain decision-making.

5. Crew Engagement

We're passionate about product range, but also about driving sales performance. Cabin crew are our best onboard tool for growing sales – to have any chance of success, we understand that the crew need to feel engaged, committed and incentivised by the retail programme.

Our industry-leading crew engagement programme covers dynamic communication (both on- and offline), motivation and incentivisation, training and development and recognition.

The crew engagement programme is culminated annually by our industry-renowned OMG! Event, where cabin crew can gain deeper product knowledge and celebrate their successes.

6. Merchandising & Inventory Control

With a sophisticated warehouse management & back office system, we operate a flexible ‘just-in-time' stock supply process. We know the modern airline looks for the optimum cost-base to drive ticket price efficiency and a key element of this is fuel consumption, so our merchandising solutions optimise this.

Designed to boost profits from online retail services, our inventory management, local assortment and retail space planning systems create a leaner stock holding and increase sales uptake through more dynamic bar standards.

With the leading onboard technology, these systems become a pivotal part of our offer to help increase sales and minimise costs. This results in a defined picture of purchasing trends for every type of consumer.