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We’re incredibly proud of our specialist logistics services, allowing us to deliver excellent food and retail products directly onboard the aircraft.

Our services include procurement, warehouse management and the marshalling and provision of thousands of items onboard our customers’ aircraft each day throughout the UK.

Working under strict safety and security legislation, we’re specialists in servicing aircraft and providing cabin crews with the assurance they need to satisfy passengers.

Our highly efficient supply chain is the driver behind excellent inflight service, allowing our airline partners to serve incredible food and sell the latest retail goods. We consistently receive fantastic feedback from customers, passengers and cabin crew alike, and continually meet our on-time performance objectives.

Dynamic logistics


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Indicative 2018 full year statistics of our UK network

Responsible Procurement

Our procurement team sit right at the beginning of the supply chain, securing great supply partnerships and products at competitive prices, allowing us to consistently provide our customers with the goods and services they need.

Supporting both the culinary and retail teams, our procurement team select the correct products, ensuring the supply chain is reliable, authentic and can meet demand. With over 80 different customers in the UK, we can leverage our buying power whilst maintaining innovation and diversity.

Responsible Procurement

We work with supply partners who share our values of being flexible, compliant, socially aware and environmentally responsible, allowing us to provide an excellent service every day.

New Suppliers

We’re always on the lookout for exciting and innovative new products to help create great experiences for our customers and their passengers.

If you have a new product or ingredient that you’d like to supply onboard some of the world’s leading airlines, please get in touch via the ‘New Supplier Request’ button below. We look forward to hearing from you!

New supplier request

UK Network Coverage

You can find us at over 15 locations in the UK, including main airports such as London Heathrow, regional hubs like Manchester and London Gatwick, the biggest cities in Scotland, as well as many local airports. We cater more flights and service more airlines than anyone else in the UK.

Our bonds handle over 100 million items every year, all ordered and managed centrally to ensure on-shelf availability and control waste.

Producing over 15 million frozen entrées each year, we distribute meals packed carefully in disposable boxes nationally across the UK.

UK Network Coverage

We have the UK’s largest fleet of hi-lift trucks and vans, servicing the smallest commuter aircraft through to the giants of aviation. Not only that, but we’ve also invested in more specialist A380 trucks than anyone else.

Dynamic logistics

Dynamic Logistics

Focusing on our specialist skills, we’ve ensured our structure gives customers greater flexibility. Our Heathrow operation is split in two:

The Premium Kitchen – a chef-led facility staffed by food professionals and designed for the production of high-quality, fresh or chilled catering for First and Business Class.

The Dynamic Logistics Centre – a separate facility built to streamline assembly and logistics.

Dynamic Logistics

Each business unit focuses on its respective area of expertise, giving our customers a wider range of opportunities, from the ability to lower their logistics costs with the Dynamic Logistics Centre, to the freedom of selecting their catering from either the Premium Kitchen or another 3rd party supplier.

Systems & Processes

We know the key to great service is consistency, so we’ve invested in systems and processes to support our operations.

With expert teams of IT and process management professionals, we ensure our systems are working effectively right across the network, from warehouse management to accounting. We’ve also invested in a LEAN team to ensure we’re as streamlined and cost-efficient as possible.

The secret ingredient that binds everything together is our culture. Whether you’re looking to develop an exciting new menu, a retail programme that improves your bottom line, reactive uplifts for those last-minute premium passengers or an excellent on-time performance, our people are focused on meeting the needs of our customers.